What does "simsom" mean? 

Simsom is the Arabic word for sesame, a nod to our heritage and the core ingredient in tahini, which is a staple ingredient in the Middle East. This has been the inspiration for our brand, its flavours and design. 

Why don't you sell a plain tahini?  

We are currently working with the producers of some of the best tahini in Lebanon to bring you Simsom. Our aim is to learn the old-age techniques of stone-grinding sesame seeds as it is done in Syria and Lebanon and to bring you our own plain tahini in the near future. 

Are your products vegetarian and vegan friendly? 

Our chocolate, chocolate orange and maple & hazelnut butters are all vegan friendly. Our pistachio and honey sesame butter is suitable for vegetarians. 

Are your products gluten free?

Our recipes don't contain gluten. However, due to production methods of some of our ingredients, they may contain traces of gluten.  

How long does your product last? 

Our products have a one year shelf life from production. Once opened, keep in a cool, dry place and use within two months. 

Do your products contain palm oil? 

None of our products contain palm oil. Some other sesame butters on the market contain palm oil and other ingredients such as soy lecithin as emulsifiers to keep them smooth but we don't believe in adding unnecessary ingredients to our products. That's why our tahini spreads contain 4 ingredients, max!

Why is there a layer of oil on top of my tahini?

We don't use any emulsifiers in our spreads to keep them combined, so the natural oils in the tahini from the sesame seeds may rise to the top over time. This is totally normal and to be expected. Just give the product a good stir before using. 

Do your products contain added sugar?  

We wanted to create a product with the bare minimum in sugar, which is why you will find they're not very sweet at all. We also only use honey, maple syrup or date syrup to sweeten our products, and never any refined sugar. 

I'm allergic to peanuts. Can I still enjoy Simsom? 

While our products don't contain peanuts, we cannot guarantee that they don't contain traces of peanuts due to manufacturing methods of the ingredients we use, including hazelnuts and pistachio nuts.